Your Vote Your Voice is a resource about the past, present and future of voting rights. This website shares stories throughout history that highlight the struggles of people who have fought for civil, political and economic rights–all necessary parts of full citizenship. Along with histories from all over the nation, we’ve taken time to feature narratives from Minnesota in each section of the site.


  1. To show the histories of the attainment of citizenship and voting rights of communities whose histories are not represented in the mainstream.
  2. To encourage students to reflect upon and discuss the connections between the past and present, and how such themes overlap and continue in the future.
  3. To spark conversations on the politics of identity-making.
  4. To motivate younger generations to take action in their respective communities and in different levels of government.

The Content

This site explores the interconnected issues that make up the history of voting rights and the fight for citizenship -- from colonization to the movements of suffrage and communities’ of color struggles to demand equal rights. Furthermore, the site also looks at the current landscape, with a focus on how barriers and achievements today are connected to our national and state history.

The website contains a wealth of written content, as well as a handful of filmed interviews. Both are intended to be expanded over time through student and partner contributions.

Partner Approach

Eleven organizations partnered with us to help create a robust resource. Each of our organizations has a distinct mission, but we all share a vision for a better Minnesota that includes more participation in our political system, especially by young people.