Manichan Xiong

Hmong American, Refugee, & Storyteller, she volunteered in refugee camps to improve and sustain the economic livelihoods of Hmong and Laotian refugees. Her biggest success was being the first Hmong woman who championed the Paj Ntaub (story cloth) in Ban Vinai. She had only moved to the US when the refugee camp in Ban Vinai had closed in 1993. Now, she currently resides in North Minneapolis. Manichan’s involvement in pre and post-War in Vietnam had allow her to be engaged and continue to participate in democracy. Although she is uneducated and illiterate, she had use her skills to create the Paj Ntaub documenting the [political] experiences of Hmong refugees. Her biggest inspiration comes from her compassion for her family and the Hmong community. Now, she spends her time educating across different communities along with educating young Hmong people as an effort to continue pushing for justice through civic engagement.