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Census 2020

The 2020 Census will provide up to date information on the demographic composition of the United States, and will have a wide impact on the the voting landscape.

Setting the Stage

The Census is a survey conducted to perform a national count of every person living in the country. Article I Section 2 of the Constitution mandates this survey of the country every ten years with the aim of determining representation in Congress for each state.

Beginning in 1790, the 2020 Census will be the 24th in United States history. The Census is a massive undertaking, and data collection occurs throughout the census year in order to ensure all people respond to the survey.

Minnesotans at the State Fair; Source: Northland Adventurer

Minnesota and the Census

All Minnesotans will be contacted via mail or in person during the 2020 Census, and the data collected will have far reaching implications. Perhaps most significantly, Minnesota is projected to lose a Congressional district (8 seats to 7) because of how the national population is shifting in number and location over this decade. See the following pages for more information on Minnesota and reapportionment.