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Election 2016

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Vote Minnesota; Source: Metro Meals on Wheels

The cornerstone of civic engagement is voting, and every election is an opportunity for the voice of the people to be heard. Every four years, the nation turns its attention to the presidential race, but elections take place at many different times and for many different offices.

Despite the public attention paid to high-profile elections, the United States still lags behind many other countries in voter turnout. Use the resources on these pages to learn about how to register to vote, the major offices up for grabs in 2016 and trends in voter turnout over time.

Election Days 2016

Primary Election: Tuesday, August 9

  • Absentee Ballots available June 24
  • Pre-Registration deadline July 19 (Or register on election day)

General Election: Tuesday, November 8

  • Absentee ballots available September 23
  • Pre-Registration deadline October 18 (Or register on election day)

Register to Vote

Register to Vote in Minnesota through the Secretary of State Website: 

  • You can register if you will be 18 on Election Day (November 8, 2016)
  • Need to provide name, date of birth, address and Driver’s License ID number OR last four digits of Social Security Number

What's on the Minnesota Ballot?

In addition to the presidential, congressional and many local races in 2016, Minnesotans will vote on the entire state legislature. The two major political parties in Minnesota are the Republican and the Democratic-Farmer-Labor, or DFL.

With all of the seats up for grabs this year, the balance of the legislature and the policy direction of the state is directly at stake.

Minnesota House of Representatives

  • 2-year terms
  • Current Composition: 73 Republican - 61 DFL

Minnesota Senate

  • 4-year terms (2-year term every year ending in 0, ex. 2000, 2010, etc.)
  • Current Composition: 39 DFL - 28 Republican

Find out who represents your district in the Minnesota state legislature and U.S. Congress based on where you live with this District Locator Tool.

MN House of Representatives

Minnesota House of Representatives; Source: MN House of Rep. Public Information Services