Minnesota Voice

We envision a country where 100% of eligible voters successfully cast a ballot on Election Day, and where every person exercises their power to impact the decisions that shape our nation. By doing so, decisions will be made that benefit all, not some, Americans.
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Minnesota Voice, a chapter of State Voices, champions democracy because we believe America will thrive when all citizens can and do participate equally.

The State Voices network supports creative ways to mobilize and empower people across the country so their voices are heard and their participation assured in the public sphere, particularly those who make up the emerging majority. We call this “civic engagement” – actively engaging Americans in the decision and policy-making processes that impact their lives, their communities, their states and their country.

Our network is comprised of state tables – networks of nonpartisan civic engagement organizations in each state that leverage their collective power to catalyze change on important issues. The model is based on the belief that by acting together, we accomplish more than acting alone. Year-round, every year, table partners come together across issues and communities to agree on a common strategy, align their activities for maximum impact and measure their collective progress. In doing so, they create a thriving community where diverse organizations learn from each other, build trust, cultivate durable relationships and accelerate change.