Reflect: Discussion Questions

This page is about reflection. You’ll find a list of some of the key people and organizations relevant to this section. You’ll also find a section called intersectionality to encourage thinking about how different issues are connected, and discussion questions to encourage deeper thinking. Take some time to answer the questions, look these people up and learn more about their stories.

The content on this site is not complete: there are countless numbers of people and so many stories — from small acts of defiance to major leadership positions — that didn’t get recorded or that don’t often make it into textbooks.

This website is meant to grow and improved upon. We’ve included some of the heroes, but if you know people we are missing, let us know so we can include their stories too.

Discussion Questions: 
Why do you think Asian Americans are called "perpetual foreigners"?
How does the treatment of a group as though they were foreigners connect to disenfranchisement? What are the consequences of not being considered “American,” despite being a citizen?
How do you think the above attitudes helped justify certain oppressive actions, such as Executive Order 9066 (Japanese internment camps)?
What is the difference between a refugee and an immigrant? How might they be treated differently?
Do you think the term Yellow Peril is still being used today, and does it affect you or your family?